The MOBILSTAGE 625 F stage trailer seduces with its contemporary look and curved roof made of three-dimensional aluminum structures.

The structure of the stage offers many possibilities for rigging of sound and light, with a divided load capacity up to 800 kg and the possibility of hanging line-array speakers. The roof can be lifted for maximum clearance.

The “reversibility” of this mobile scene facilitates maneuvers as the stage front can be oriented to the left side or the right side of the trailer.

The manually operated system with mechanized assistance is easy, efficient and very fast. All movements are perfectly balanced for safe and effortless deployment.The setup of the stage requires no external power source.TOUARTUBE TAT

Surface of the stage 27 m²

Stage width 6,25 m

Stage depth 4,30 m

Height of the stage floor 0,90 – 1,30 m

Clearance at stage center 3,30 m

Trailer length 6,25 m

Trailer length with drawbar 7,60 m

Height of the trailer 3,80 m

Trailer width 2,25 m

Trailer weight 1800 kg

Setup time (1 pers.) 10 min