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Book Title: Mark’s Calculations for Machine Design
Author(s): Thomas H. Brown Jr
Publisher: Tata McGraw – Hill Education
Edition: First
Pages: 465
PDF Size  : 3.3 Mb
Book description:
Everyday Engineers must solve some of the most difficult design problems and often with little time and money to spare. It was with this in mind that this book was designed. Based on the best selling Mark’s Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Mark’s Standard Engineering Calculations For Machine Design by Thomas H. Brown Jr offers a detailed treatment of topics in statics, friction, kinematics, dynamics, energy relations, impulse and momentum, systems of particles, variable mass systems, and three-dimensional rigid body analysis. Among the advanced topics is spherical coordinates, shear modulus tangential unit vector tension, deform able media and torsion.Salient Features of the book :
  • The basic principles of the mechanics of Machine Design
  • Tabular information and calculations from the most complex to the simple machines
  • Analyze problems in a simple and logical manner
  • Free-body diagrams and vector methods in problem-solving
Table of Contents:
Part 1: Strength of Machines
Chapter 1: Fundamental Loadings
Chapter 2: Beams: Reactions, Shear Force and Bending Moment Distributions, and Deflections
Chapter 3: Advanced Loadings
Chapter 4: Combined Loadings
Chapter 5: Principal Stresses and Mohr’s Circle
Chapter 6: Static Design and Column Buckling
Chapter 7: Fatigue and Dynamic Design
Part 2: Application to Machines
Chapter 8: Machine Assembly
Chapter 9: Machine Energy
Chapter 10: Machine Motion

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