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Book Title: Mechatronics in Action: Case Studies in Mechatronics – Applications and Education
Author(s): David Bradley, David W. Russell
Publisher: Springer
Edition: first
Pages: 276
PDF Size   : 10.4Mb

Book Description:
Mechatronics in Action: Case Studies in Mechatronics – Applications and Education by David Bradley, David W. Russell approach provide the most effective means of illustrating how mechatronics can make products and systems more flexible, more responsive and possess higher levels of functionality than would otherwise be possible. The series of case studies serve to illustrate how a mechatronic approach has been used to achieve enhanced performance through the transfer of functionality from the mechanical domain to electronics and software. This book not only provides readers with access to a range of case studies and the expert’s view of these but also offers case studies in course design and development to support tutors in making the best and most effective use of the technical coverage provided.
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Consumption to Contribution: Sustainable Technological Development Through Innovation
3. The “Revolution”: a Small Company Revived
4. A Mechatronic Design Process and Its Application
5. A Mechatronic Design of a Circular Warp Knitting Machine
6. Mechatronics and the Motor Car
7. Multi-mode Operations Marine Robotic Vehicle – a Mechatronics Case Study
8. Wireless Communication Technology for Modular Mechatronic Controllers
9. The Utility Function Method for Behaviour Selection in Autonomous Robots
10. Force Sensing in Medical Robotics
11. Intelligent Prostheses – a Biomechatronics Approach
12. Education in Mechatronics
13. Mechatronics Education
14. A Personal View of the Early Days of Mechatronics in Relation to Aerospace
15. Mechatronic Futures

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