Book: Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines by Martin O.L. Hansen

Book Title : Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
Author(s)  : Martin O.L. Hansen
Publisher  : Earthscan
Edition    : Second
Pages      : 192
Size      : 3.2 Mb

Book Description:
Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines by Martin O.L. Hansen is the essential book for the fundamental solutions to efficient wind turbine design. Topics covered in this eBook include increasing mass flow through the turbine, performance at low and high wind speeds, assessment of the extreme conditions under which the turbine will perform and the theory for calculating the lifetime of the turbine. The classical Blade Element Momentum method is also covered, as are eigen modes and the dynamic behavior of a turbine. Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines by Martin O.L. Hansen eBook includes a description of the effects of the dynamics and how this can be modeled in an aero elastic code, which is widely used in the design and verification of modern wind turbines.

Table of Contents:
List of Figures and Tables
Chapter 1:General Introduction to Wind Turbines
Chapter 2: 2-D Aerodynamics
Chapter 3: 3-D Aerodynamics
Chapter 4: 1-D Momentum Theory for an Ideal Wind Turbine
Chapter 5: Shrouded Rotors
Chapter 6: The Classical Blade Element Momentum Method
Chapter 7: Control/Regulation and Safety Systems
Chapter 8: Optimization
Chapter 9: Unsteady BEM Method
Chapter 10: Introduction to Loads and Structures
Chapter 11: Beam Theory for the Wind Turbine Blade
Chapter 12: Dynamic Structural Model of a Wind Turbine
Chapter 13: Sources of Loads on a Wind Turbine
Chapter 14: Wind Simulation
Chapter 15: Fatigue
Chapter 16: Final Remarks
Appendix A: Basic Equations in Fluid Mechanics
Appendix B: Symbols

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