Book: AutoCAD: Secrets Every User Should Know

Book Title : AutoCAD: Secrets Every User Should Know
Author(s)  : Dan Abbott
Publisher  : Wiley
Edition     : 2007 publication
Pages      : 497
Size         : 18.3 Mb

The Business of CAD Learn the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ in this one-of-a-kind reference packed with tips and techniques from award-winning AutoCAD expert Dan Abbott. This info-packed guide reveals some of the best kept AutoCAD secrets on technical standards, AutoLISP programming, DOS functions, scripts, 3D and everything in between. Based on his popular “Things Every AutoCAD User Should Know” session at Autodesk University and other industry events, Dan gives you the answers to frequently asked AutoCAD questions in his direct and entertaining style while using real-world case studies to put your skills into practice. Read it cover to cover or dive right in to the sections you need most, then get ready to improve your productivity, save more time, and become an AutoCAD all-star.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: AutoCAD Productivity.
Design Standards.
AutoCAD Best Practices.
Feature Review (All Releases).
Chapter 2: Managing Your System.
Managing Files.
Managing AutoCAD.
Why DOS Isn’t Dead Yet.
External Commands and Command Aliases.
Chapter 3: Customizing the AutoCAD Interface.
Tool Palettes (All Releases).
The Customizable User Interface (CUI).
Linetypes (All Releases).
Chapter 4: Applying Graphics Standards.
Dimensioning Rules.
Text Styles.
Linetypes and Weights.
Applying Standards.
Chapter 5: Symbols, Tables, and Fields.
Dynamic Blocks.
Symbol Libraries.
Assigning and Extracting Attributes.
XRefs: External References.
Fields and Tables.
Chapter 6: Plotting.
Model Space, Paper Space, and Layouts.
What to Put Where.
Plotting a Layout.
AutoCAD Graphics in Other Applications.
Chapter 7: AutoCAD Scripts.
Characteristics of Scripts.
Writing and Running Scripts.
Updating Thousands of Drawings.
Chapter 8: AutoLISP by Example: Getting Started.
Writing AutoLISP Programs.
AutoLISP Examples.
Automatic Loading.
Chapter 9: AutoLISP by Example: Getting Better.
Debugging Techniques.
Error Handling.
Selection Sets and Entity Manipulation.
IF Function.
Repeat Function.
WHILE Function.
Text and String Manipulation.
Getting to DOS with AutoLISP.
Chapter 10: 3D For Everyone.
Managing Coordinate Systems.
Creating a Model.
Using Existing 2D Geometry.
Final Suggestions.
Chapter 11: AutoCAD Puzzlers.
The Puzzlers.
The Solutions.


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