Book: Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming

Book Title : Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming
Author(s)  : Jack HU, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John Duncan
Publisher   : ButterWorth Heimann Publication
Edition      : 2002ed
Pages         : 233
Size           : 3.6Mb

Book Description:
The basic theory of Mechanics of sheet metal forming in the automotive, appliance and aircraft industries is included in this book. This book fills a gap between the descriptive treatments in most manufacturing books and the advanced numerical methods used in CAD systems.

Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming by Jack HU, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John Duncan eBook may be used by lecturers in undergraduate courses in manufacturing; plentiful exercises and worked out examples give quantitative tutorial problems for engineering students.

Table of contents:
1. Material properties
2. Sheet deformation processes
3. Deformation of sheet in plane stress
4. Simplified stamping analysis
5. Load instability and tearing
6. Bending of sheet
7. Simplified analysis of circular shells
8. Cylindrical deep drawing
9. Stretching circular shells
10. Combined bending and tension of sheet
11. Hydroforming
Appendix A1 Yielding in three-dimensional stress state
Appendix A2 Large strains: an alternative definition
Solutions to exercises


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