Book: Welding Secrets by Hal Wilson

Book Title : Welding Secrets
Author(s)  : Hal Wilson
Publisher   : Flyco Machine Company
Edition      : Second
Pages        : 63
PDF Size    : 16 Mb

Book Description:
Welding secrets book by Hal Wilson is a welding guide for the self taught welder, as well as the more experienced welder to learn more on welding topics. This book includes some tips that will help you do a better, safer job in places that should be welded.

Table of Contents:

How to remove a bad bearing race or cup from a hole.
How to build up a worn shaft
How to burn a nut off of a bolt and save the threads on the bolt
How to expand a nut.
How to shrink a nut.
How to remove a broken-off bolt
Case hardening.
How to square a frame by welding or peening
How to make a warped steel frame lie flat
How to weld a screen wire to a steel frame
How to make a smooth cut with a cutting torch
How to do overhead welding
How to weld thick to thin
How to make a smooth bead
Vertical weld
How to flux lead
How to burn a weld and save both pieces
Big John
Notch effect
How to remove a broken off tap
Built in stresses
How to burn through a large steel shaft
My first commercial weld
Cast iron welded with nickel electrodes
Straighten 6 inch Strip
Clevis on channel iron
How to temper a chisel
How to make a circle lie flat
How to remove a stuck sleeve from a hole
How to shrink a steel pulley
Reinforce inside of tubing or pipe
How to repair a crack in a piece of tubing
Weld inserted pipe
Another method for welding pipe
Build up inside of tubing
Another method for welding pipe
Build up inside of tubing
Test welds
Flying coaster
Roller coaster
Cracked center
Peening test
Cross brace
Test welds on low carbon steel
“Direction of Travel” and “back-stepping”
Why a weld bead shrinks more where it stops than it does where it starts
Confined expansion
The exception to the rule
Magnaflux testing for cracks
Water tank
Back stepping
Broken trailer frame
Air lifts
Subjects of non-welding
Cover a padded bar with upholstery
Hooks or eyes on spring
Make a coil spring
Cooling fin
Shaft will break at shoulder
How to temper small parts
Rod ends
Find diameter of numbered machine screws
Which way to turn a turnbuckle
Dish in wheel
Blowing grip on bar
How to find a trap drill size without a chart
Finding half of a mixed common fraction
Simple hardness tester
Fusibility: The ease of melting
Heat of fusion of metals
Thermal conductivity of metals
Thermal expansion
Typical ferrous materials
Uses for steel by carbon content
AWS electrode classification system
Temper colors
Melting points of some elements


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