China operates the world's first power-generating highway

China operates the world's first power-generating highway
Imagine a fast road that enables cars to charge electricity while walking, and if the snow falls it will melt it with its electric card.
On December 28, at 2 pm, the first high-speed highway using solar power generation and electric vehicle battery charging was officially launched in Jinan City, east China's Shandong Province, which means a deep integration between the transportation sector and the new energy sector. The total length of the road is 2 km. The surface of this road is made up of tens of thousands of special glass panels to absorb sunlight and turn it into electrical energy used to charge the batteries of electric cars passing over it. This road is open to small sized electric cars and even medium sized trucks, and there will be little difference between it and other normal routes.
In addition, the road is provided with a temperature control system. If a layer of ice or frost forms on its surface, the electric heating device is automatically operated to ensure winter traffic security.

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