LPG is a widely used fuel in homes. From where is this obtained? You have learnt earlier that
petroleum gas is a constituent obtained when petroleum is subjected to fractional distillation. If high
pressure is applied to this gas it will be liquefied. This liquid is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).
This is filled in strong cylinders and distributed. The main constituent of this is Butane. Small

quantities of Ethane and Propane are also found.
Accident From LPG. Gases in LPG are odorless. What happens if it leaks? We will not know
even if it fills the whole room. What will be the result then, if an electric switch is switched on or a
matchstick is struck? Big fire or explosion will take place. Therefore to detect the leakage of the LPG
another gas, Ethyl merchantman, having a special smell is mixed with it. Smell of this is sometimes felt
when the gas cylinder is opened. If this smell is felt never try to light the match or to operate electrical
appliances. Doors and windows must be opened and check whether there is any leak in the cylinder.
When not in use it is better to have the valve of the cylinder closed.

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