Robot arms Rubik cube in 0.38 seconds and breaks the world record

Have you ever solved a Rubik's cube?
Or at least you have tried anyway? You will know that it is not the simplest and that to achieve certain speed you must learn several algorithms; and although you may be the fastest on the block, do not try to challenge this robot.

If anyone doubts that robots will enslave us just for fun in the future, you should see the following video. The robot created by Jared Di Carlo and a Master of MIT Biometrics Lab student, Ben Katz, can solve a Rubik cube in less than half a second.

That's right, literally in much less than a rooster flickers. Rubik's cube of 3 × 3 solves it in only 0.38 seconds.

Professional competitors have nothing to do against this robot. The world record is held by SeungBeom Cho and is 4.59 seconds. But it is not the only machine that has achieved something similar. Previously, the Sub1 Reloaded of Infineon Technologies, could solve it in 0.63 seconds.

But robots work differently from humans, and while for a human being it is easier to have a very loose cube to accommodate the parts of the cube, for the robot it must be very tight. Not only that, but the robot is not even at its maximum capacity. Ben Katz said:

"The machine can definitely be faster, but the process of turning parts takes a lot of time, since debugging must be done with the high-speed camera, and errors often separate the cube from the FETs (field effect transistors). ) ".

According to Di Carlo, the robot uses an algorithm called min2phase with which the machine detects the different colors. He also has a Playstation 3 Eye webcam with which he not only sees colors but anticipates solutions. Are you ready to see it? Do not blink:

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