British submarine shows the moment it breaks the ice and emerges into the Arctic

A Royal Navy submarine has demonstrated its ability to emerge by successfully breaking ice in the Arctic Ocean in North America.

The HMS Trenchant , an attack submarine, led his five weeks of exercises on Ice 2018, said Darryl Wood of Dvidshub in a video statement.

According to  the British Royal Navy on April 19, the ship emerged at the top of the world with freezing temperatures at approximately 4,425 km from its base in Plymouth, southwest England.

The submarine HMS Trechant emerges breaking the ice of the Arctic . (Darryl Wood from Dvidshub)
Trenchant joined US submarines USS Connecticut and USS Hartford to conduct combat drills coordinated by the US Navy's underwater Arctic laboratory. He broke the ice at the North Pole five times, according to the Navy.
All three conducted rigorous tests designed to "test the skills of divers in exploiting the Arctic Arctic's cold climate" .

HMS submarine Tricking on the Arctic ice in March 2018. (British Royal Navy)
"This exercise shows that our Royal Navy is ready to work under difficult conditions, to protect our country from possible threats. We have seen first hand the skills and precision with which they have worked with our American allies , " said Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster.

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