Engineer Interview questions with answers

  Q. What instrument is used to measure the height of the product?

 Ans. Height gauge is used to measure the height manually.

  Q. What instrument is preferred to measure the internal diameter of a cylindrical pipe?

Ans. Vernier Caliper is used to measure the internal diameter of the hollow pipe.

  Q. What is the difference between digital micrometer and ordinary micrometer?

 Ans. Digital micrometer differ then the ordinary micrometer in the sense of accuracy. The accuracy of digital micrometer is 1 micron while the accuracy of ordinary micrometer is 10 micron.

  Q. What is the tolerance of the digital micrometer?

  Q. What machine is used to measure the exact coordinate of the finished job up to 5 dimensional accuracy?

 Ans. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

  Q. What is the necessary process to be done before changing the probe of CMM.

 Ans. This process is known as the calibration of the probe. It is done with the help of Master Probe.

  Q. What is the basic unit of measurement used in almost all the manufacturing measurement process?

 Ans. MM or millimeter

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