I can't belive this, clothing that 'grows' at the same time your son.

Children grow seven sizes during their first two years and this amounts to a large amount of wasted 


Now, the recent graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Ryan Mario Yasin, has created a range of children's clothing which he named: Petit Pli. It is a system of folds that allows garments to stretch to adapt even after body growth. Your clothes are designed to adapt from 6 to 36 months of age, which translates to at least 6 different sizes. The idea arose after Yasin realized that his nephew was not wearing his clothes for very long, and thanks to his training as an aeronautical engineer specialized in deployable structures, he was able to create clothes with folds similar to the covers of
some spacecraft, as small satellites.


 The structures expand and contract in synchrony with the child's movement. Yasin expressed. Later he experimented with different types of fabrics in his own home, including the addition of folds and literally baking fabrics in his kitchen oven. So far the materials made by him are still pending patent. Technically Yasin has created the most advanced children's clothing in the world.

 Petit Pli garments are made with ultralight materials that resist climatic adversities such as wind and water, as well as perspiration. The clothes are comfortable and functional, and adapt to the movement of the child. In addition, they are easy to pack and clean.


In its initial form, the pleated shirts and pants are quite small, since they serve to dress a baby for 6 months. As children grow, the material can unfold, expanding to a small size of 2 and a half years or 3. You could not miss a demonstration video where you can see how this type of clothing is stretched, observe:

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