The first fight of giant robots between The United States and Japan. there is already a winner!

Voltron Vs. Mazinger Z, Robotech Vs. Macross, giant robot fights ... did you ever imagine something similar in your childhood? Well, we are getting closer. Finally, the first fight between giant robots piloted from inside was carried out.

Two teams, one US and one in Japan, with robots created at both ends of the world: Kuratas Vs . Eagle Prime and Iron Glory. That's right, the Japanese had to fight against two Americans. The challenge was launched two years ago by the United States and the creator of Kuratas accepted.

For two years both teams prepared their megabots to face death. The science fiction fantasies became reality when the robots piloted by their creators fought in Japan. The Japanese defeated the first but lost with the second.

The duel was in an abandoned metallurgical, the perfect scenario. It was broadcast on Twitch in real time but MegaBots Inc. , the US team, posted 26 minutes of the show on YouTube.

The United States lost with its first robot and was the winner of the confrontation between Kuratas and Eagle Prime.

In the fight, the Iron Glory robot of the USA. UU was knocked out by the Japanese Kuratas almost beginning hostilities.

His paintball cannon was no match for his 13-foot, half-ton fist. In the second round , the MegaBots pilots returned with Eagle Prime, with a mechanical claw and a machine gun.

They battled to deliver a death blow, got stuck and the Kuratas drone made life more difficult for them. In the final round things got more complicated for Kuratas. This was a better fight. There were punches, shots and strategy but they got caught in a hug and had to pause.

When the fight restarted, the Americans armed themselves with a saw to cut rocks and Kuratas attacked with a machine gun. They almost crushed the commentators and finally Eagle Prime used a mechanical saw to dismember the Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot . Everything ended in butchery.

The fight that was cooked for two years had simple rules. The three ways to win were: knock out the opponent, disable the opponent and let the pilot give up.

The people on the Internet saw the Americans as Montoneros and complained that a single Japanese had to fight with two Americans. Although Americans believe they won, many consider it a draw.

Also, it seems that there were more differences in the weights. Eagle Prime was a robot of another category because of its weight. It was like facing a featherweight with a full weight, like Pacquiao against Myke Tyson. Either way, we hope that this fight is just the beginning of a new championship.

This is the video that gives the technical cards of the robots and a summary of the fight:

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