The first floating city in the world is a reality; will be in the Pacific Ocean by 2020

Someone has made a modern utopia that will open its doors in the year 2020. Although it is not clear if it will be a real utopia or just a kind of paradise for the ultra-billionaires. The floating city will be located in the Pacific, outside of all international laws and politicians, as promised.

"We can create a great diversity of governments for a great diversity of people," he said. The community in question will consist of dozens of structures including hotels, offices and restaurants. Engineers and architects have visited and explored the place where the project should emerge.

The main intention is "to free humanity from politicians". And "rewrite the rules that govern society," he says.

Quirk said that building this utopian city will cost around 167 million dollars. So far they have received funds from PayPal founder Peter Thiel, but the next step requires more fundraising. This is a video of the project:

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