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Uber and NASA signed an agreement that establishes the possibility of transporting us in flying taxis. It is not a science fiction film, the project will be underway in the middle of the next decade.

The service on demand will be called Uber Elevate , and this will be broken down UberAir ... The company is taking it very seriously.

Uber's deal with NASA is called the Space Law Agreement, will  allow the development of traffic management systems for unmanned aerial vehicles: drones.

The passenger transport service aims to use vehicles with a vertical take-off and landing capability similar to that of a helicopter.

These small aircraft will be low-altitude vehicles, and will probably share the airspace with other drones.

This is the first time that Uber is associated with the federal government, although it will not be the only company, NASA is working with other companies.

Jeff Holden, Uber's product manager, has said the whole thing is a fact, and said in a statement: "It will happen, UberAir will perform many more flights daily than ever before. Doing this safely and efficiently will require a fundamental change in airspace management technologies. "

First he will test the flight service in Los Angeles, and he intends to have it running regularly by the time the Olympic Games arrive in the city in 2028.

Watch the following video about the project:

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