This is the Beriev A-50U, the Russian super plane that spies on North Korea and the United States

Russia has not stopped monitoring the conflict between North Korea and its allies and the United States and its allies. It was recently announced that as part of these actions, it uses an advanced technology aircraft to spy on activity in the conflict zone.


 The reconnaissance plane flies around the Korean peninsula; He was awaiting the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian maneuvers that bring together 20 thousand US soldiers. Called Beriev A-50U has the ability to monitor up to 150 targets at a time within a radius of 230 kilometers, while reporting live information. The Russian giant also tracks up to 150 targets at the same time with the radar. This adds to the fleet of fighter jets that sent to fly over international waters near the Asian peninsula. The "bumblebee" began operating in 1984 and is still in operation although it was discontinued in 1992. Its radar has a range of 400 kilometers and serves mostly to detect targets. These aircraft are very vulnerable, so they always fly escorted by fighter aircraft. On this occasion, two Mig-31. The plane can fly up to seven thousand 500 kilometers, stock up in the air and coordinate the work of fighter planes. The Beriev crossed the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and East China Sea. The fleet of warplanes also included two TU-95MS nuclear bombers and two SU-35S fighters .


 The tension is such that the planes were escorted by fighters from South Korea and Japan, the allies of the United States. According to the Russian government, it was a routine flight. The troops that are making maneuvers are about 70 thousand, adding 50 thousand South Korean and almost 20 thousand United States. North Korea has said that the military exercises of its opponents are an "expression of hostility" that could become "real battles". A few days ago, the North Korean government made its skirmishes when it launched a missile that passed over Japan.


 Russia considers that the military exercises of the allies of South Korea do not contribute to cool the spirits, and in the voice of their spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, they described them as an "unfortunate exercise".

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