Droian Workstation – A New Concept Of Computer Working Environment!

Droian Workstation is a new concept of computer working environment, which converges IT and furniture by mounting a PC monitor to an electronically adjustable chair.As the user leans back on the seat, the body weight is evenly spread out, hence less stress, enabling the user to work on the computer for longer periods of time at the most ergonomic position.
Not only can the user adjust the posture of the chair, but he/she can also switch on ventilation or heater or LED lights to meet their needs.
The Droian Workstation features a sphere-like working environment that reminds people of virtual reality, a comfortable reclining chair, and it has a monitor mounted on a frame, resembling stealth aircraft.
There is also a clear tray attached to the chair where you can place a mouse and a keyboard, making you feel like you’re in a spaceship cockpit.

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