Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Watch With Miniature Working W16 Engine Inside

In today’s video we have the privilege of sharing with you the introduction of a really surprising and incredible timepiece from Jacob & Co, the first watch which really takes the brand’s partnership with supercar maker Bugatti to the next level.

Not only is this a tourbillon watch, but the real sweet feature is an exact functioning replica of the Chiron W16 engine, something obviously never seen and the level of intricacy of this development is just astounding. We have some exclusive behind the scenes of its making, enjoy! Watch the video from for more info:

The extraordinarily detailed tiny engine block features 16 miniature pistons that move up and down thanks to a replica crankshaft.The watch houses an astounding 578 inner pieces, a sapphire crystal, four shock absorbers, and tiny moving pistons, amongst other incredible trappings.

If you push down the right-hand crown of the watch the turbos kick-off, the crankshaft turns over, and the mini pistons pump up and down. The miniature engine is encased in a sapphire block and the crankshaft – made out of one solid steel piece.

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