Giant RC F-4 Phantom Twin Turbine Powered Airplane

The F-4 is an iconic airplane with a colorful history that served for quite a long time with a number of different countries. It was produced for over 20 years and the last US F-4 drone was only just retired back in 2016.

This F-4 Phantom II is an Extra Scale replica that delivers outstanding authenticity and incredible performance with fantastic handling- especially ,super scale details include accurate dual landing lights flush-mounted into the scale operating nose wheel doors. Video by: RC MEDIA WORLD

This Model is built in full fiber sandwich construction with carbon fiber reinforcements at critical wear points to achieve maximum strength and minimal weight.

The F-20 is is powered by 2x Turbine JetCat P-130 jet engines, the model airplane has a wingspan of 1.5m and a length of 2.5m the take-off weight is approximately 15kg.The turbine engine fascinates by the smell of kerosene accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a turbine.

Model: F-4 Phantom
Scale 1/5
Wingspan: app. 1.50m
Lenght: app. 2.50m
Take-off weight: app. 20Kg
Engine: 2x Turbine JetCat P-130
Pilot: Wolfgang Kappler

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