Meet Salvagnini panel bending: P4lean-2116 kit production with heavy gage parts

 The P4lean-2116 panel bender with ABA automatic blankholder adjustment is suitable for kit production. Thanks to MAC2.0 adaptive technology the machine automatically compensates for variation in material features, guaranteeing highest quality and automatic adaptivness, to match Industry 4.0 requirements.

The P2lean is the ultimate Salvagnini panel bender, natively combining productivity, with its automatic bending and handling cycles, and flexibility, with its universal bending tools. Equipped with an automatic ABA blankholder, the P2lean doesn't require re-tooling and completes an average of 17 bends per minute. 

Flexible automation
It uses universal bending tools which automatically adapt in-cycle to the panel geometry, without machine down times or manual re-tooling, allowing batch-one or kit productions.

Sustainable technology
The technical solutions adopted (Direct Drive and pneumatic and electric actuators) allow it to respect both people and the environment without reducing its productivity. It runs with a minimum quantity of long-life oil, inside a fully sealed circuit.

Adaptive system
The integrated adaptive technologies (advanced sensors, bending formula, MAC2.0) make the system intelligent and able to automatically adapt to changes in the material and the external environment, eliminating waste and corrections, and extending the range of products that can be made.

Connectivity 4.0
The proprietary LINKS and OPS software establish communication between the system and the company departments involved in the production flow.

Change perspective,
think results!
How to combine productivity and flexibility?

Conventional bending is characterized by an average OEE of 30%, with flexibility dependent on the tool change system - which is often costly and more time-consuming than on a panel bender - or on the installation of more than one press brake. The P2lean panel bender, on the other hand, natively combines productivity, with its automatic bending and handling cycles, and flexibility, with its universal bending tools. And with its advanced cycles, the P2lean completes an average of 17 bends per minute.

How long does re-tooling take?

The P2lean doesn’t require re-tooling: the upper and lower blades, the counterblade and the blankholder are universal tools that are able to process the whole range of thicknesses and machinable materials.

Do manual loading and unloading affect the total cycle time?

Loading and unloading are performed by the operator, who positions the sheet metal on the worktable and collects the product after bending. The P2lean's cycle minimizes the impact of these activities on total cycle time, as it allows the product to be unloaded after positioning the sheet on the worktable, thus combining two operations in a single action.

Does the P2lean's set-up affect productivity?

The set-up has minimal impact on the panel bender's productivity: when the program is loaded, the blankholder automatically adapts in masked time, and the manipulator gets into position for gripping and handling the sheet. 

How to produce in kits or batch-one?

The P2lean is equipped with the ABA automatic blankholder, which automatically adapts the length of the tool according to the size of the part to be produced, without the need for machine downtime or manual re-tooling even in-cycle: the ideal solution for batch-one and kit production.

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