Even the largest rock faces in the world  should fear this huge rope shovel  

Rope shovels are the heavy-duty attackers of  the mining industry – and none eat away  the earth faster than the P&H 4100XPC. This  is the supercharged high-performance  pinnacle of the rope shovel world!

  A rope shovel is used for digging out  surfaces such as vertical coal faces. They  consist of a rotating deck where the driver  cabin lies, along with the engine and a  heavy counterweight. To the front of the  deck a boom is attached, which carries a  swing arm and a bucket.

  The bucket is controlled  by a series of ropes. When  facing a surface to be  excavated, the wire ropes  are dug into the surface  using a crowd arm, then  pulled up through fi lling it  with material. Once raised  

clear, it swings to one side and can be  released into a dumper truck. P&H has cut  seconds from this entire cycle with its ultra  shovel. How? Through speeding up the hoist  cycle by extending the shovel’s speed range.

  This has come at no penalty to capacity or  payload, though. The nominal payload is 115  tons, and it can cut up to 16.8m high,  through a radius of 23.9m. This is why the  operator sits a full ten metres off the ground;  the rope shovel itself is 14.7m high, and 15m  long. The wire hoist rope  alone is 73mm thick!

  There are two hoist motors,  rated at a peak 3,990hp, three  swing motors, two propel  motors and a single crowd  motor. The operator controls  it via an armrest-mounted  pistol-grip joystick. 

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