Personnal Portable Ultraskiff 360 Fishing Platform

 The Ultraskiff 360 watercraft is not just a round boat, it is a portable fishing platform. The Ultraskiff is a great platform for fishing, hunting, photography, or just cruising On and off the water, owning an Ultraskiff is a unique and rewarding experience. Ultraskiff has come up with a hard-shell round boat that can be rolled to the water and equipped with an electric trolling motor to access fishing water.

The 360° Fishability that the Ultraskiff has made famous is combined with our patented design features to deliver comfort, stability, safety, portability and versatility. The Ultraskiff redefines balance and stability thanks to a proprietary design that inverts the outer deck into the hull.

Enabling a platform with one a kind 360 degree stability, comfort, safety, storage, mobility and versatility of seating options.

Unique portability is achieved with our bumper / roll bar that allows it to roll like a wheel and slide on its side without the assistance of a dolly along with our 8 Strap guides and patented detachable pedestal mount that allows full access to each end of boats center hole.

Stacked with an array of one of a kind features and abilities the Ultraskiff is great for fishing, hunting, photography, eco touring, relaxing/tanning or even as a swim platform. The Ultraskiff 360 PWC adds 6 rod holders, 4 cleats, 4 cup holders, 3 large storage compartments, and 1 battery compartment. Includes stainless steel hardware for mounting a pedestal base.

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