Transforming A Chain Saw Into A Concrete Groove Cutter

 Construction number 0091 is a very convenient tool for the constructive industry. This tool can make two canals simultaneously on the walls of a house and then the material used for it can be removed easily between the two canals to place the piping and many other things.

Another very good use of it is the opening of the canal on a concrete to be able to put the metallic clew for sliding doors, the cutting of the stone as well as of the iron. In simple words, our construction is a chain saw hack.

Firstly, we took a tree-cutting machine and we removed the chain that cuts the wood to place a small gear for a chain of motion transmission. Next, we made a metallic framework, which on its edge there is an axis that spins in two bearings and at its centre the prementioned chain passes through. Thus, when the tree-cutting machine rotates then the axis spins too.

In each of the axis’ edge, a disk is inserted in a distance of 10cm. Then, we made the threads of the axis counter clockwise so that when the disks find resistance, they won’t be able to unscrew and slacken. After that, we took two protective covers from an angle grinder and we placed them in order to use the tool with safety. Disclaimer: Dont try this at home, this is done by a proffesional on a controled envoirment./Make it Extreme

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