Doll Logo 12K And System Reith Timber Transportation With Rotating Cabin

 Normally, trucks are dedicated to transporting, and cranes, to load objects. Doll Dogo 12K is a 2-in-1 that does both.The best possible flexibility in timber transport is offered by the LOGO series and the platform semi-trailers. The vehicles can be used in forestry, long-distance haulage and off-road applications, whereby they are equally suitable for long timber as well as for short timber and lumber.

As we can see in the video, the most spectacular feature of this Doll Logo 12K is that the cab of the truck goes up and down and can rotate 300 degrees , to transform into a crane that is responsible for catching the tree trunks and placing them on the truck.

Loading for timber lengths of 2-22 m possible across the entire series.The vehicle type designation indicates the maximum possible timber length: a LOGO 12 is suitable for timber up to 12 m long, for example.

The vehicle configuration is based on the length of the timber to be transported.The vehicle length is adapted to the specific transport job in telescopic vehicles.The lightweight versions guarantee a maximum payload without diminishing their sturdiness or off-road capability.This model range is not only synonymous with versatility, but also with safety and stability.//DOLL Fahrzeugbau

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