Wood Carving A 1976 Volkswagen Type 2 Pick Up Van

 The Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab (1976), it is made of wood. The wooden Volkswagen Type 2 has been personalized in a very personal way by a friend who ordered this car that makes wooden car interesting and unique.

Built by Woodworking Art Youtube Channel this project is pretty straightforward breaking down the build step by step as the artist recreates the famous Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Pick Up Van.

This cool looking van is carved out of Fujian cypress wood with a glossy coating.The carpenter in this video starts out with nothing more than a few pieces of wood, then he draws out the basic side profile of a classic 1976 Volkswagen Type 2 on two of them before cutting those pieces with a band saw.

After the final touches like mirrors and reflectors are installed, the completed Land Cruiser looks absolutely fantastic with all its realism.It’s pretty cool that the wooden Volkswagen Type 2 even has functioning doors and wooden suspension. It’s quite amazing to watch as the entire thing is built by hand and comes together, piece by piece./Woodworking Art

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