1300-year-old skis discovered in Norway

 A team of archaeologists announced that they had reconstructed a pair of wooden skis dating from around 700 AD. AD, the DailyMail announced on October 5. A very well preserved and unique treasure that researchers have found in the Norwegian mountains.

The work of the Norwegian team of archaeologists of the Secrets of the Ice program is to unearth treasures buried in the ice . In 2014, researchers found a first pre-Viking ski in the ice, very well preserved and complete. After several observations, they concluded that the ski was 1300 years old and that it had been made during prehistoric times. In fact, in Norway , prehistory ends in the 8th century when the Viking Age begins. On September 26, seven years after the discovery of the first ski, they finally discovered the second ski on the ice sheet of Digervaden, just a few meters from the location of the first. The pair is now complete.

BREAKING NEWS! We have just made an incredible discovery at the Digervarden ice patch, Norway. We have found the best-preserved prehistoric pair of skis in the world! 1300 years old and both have the bindings preserved. The second of the two skis has just come out of the ice❤️ pic.twitter.com/fa2SYTSBfY

— Secrets Of The Ice (@brearkeologi) October 5, 2021

Good news for the researchers: the second ski was even better preserved than the first. Archaeologists have managed to remove the ice piece by piece at the cost of intense effort. Finally, they poured hot water before releasing him. “ The moment of truth came when they turned the ski around and the tether appeared. It was the same type as the ski found in 2014. The skis were a pair, lost together 1300 years ago! " Enthused archaeologist Lars Holger Pilo, who co-directs the Archeology Program glaciers Oppland . The second ski is a wooden blade 187 centimeters long and 17 cm wide. It is 17 cm more long and 2 cm wider than the first. A difference which could be explained by the differences in conservation (the second was buried 5 meters deeper). 

This pair of skis is an extremely rare find for archaeologists. There is only one other such artifact that was found in Mänttä in Finland. This is the first time that such an old and well-preserved pair has been reconstructed. 

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