Amazon launches a home robot equipped with cameras that follows you everywhere

 Amazon has just unveiled its own home robot that can follow you everywhere, the Guardian told us on September 28. He will be able to help homeowners with tasks such as monitoring their home. Incidentally, it embeds the same system as Alexa, is equipped with a camera and equipped with facial recognition technology to be able to recognize you immediately.

On Tuesday, September 28, Amazon unveiled Astro, a home robot that the company says can help homeowners monitor their homes or maintain contact with family and friends. Available by invitation only for the moment, its advertised price is $ 999.99, or around 860 euros.

“ One of the things I love about working at Amazon is inventing the future, and I've spent a lot of time since that day on a team that imagines how bots can help new customers. ways at home, ”said Charlie Tritschler, vice president of products at Amazon .

Astro takes advantage of both Alexa and Ring, the Amazon subsidiary specializing in home security products. The robot can be configured to move around your home independently to verify safety. For example, if you're worried about leaving a stove on, you can ask Astro to check. Users can also ask Astro for similar information to Alexa, and with a screen that acts as the robot's head, they can also watch movies, TV, and take video calls.

“ Astro's personality not only helps him communicate his intention and deliver pleasurable experiences, but it also elicits emotions like empathy when people use the device, ” says Charlie Tritschler. According to him, Amazon has gone to great lengths to give Astro personality by using a combination of digital eyes on the screen and specific movements and tones. But behind its nice appearance, the idea of ​​having an Amazon robot capable of tracking you at home is not necessarily reassuring.

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