At 6, he discovers a 12,000-year-old mastodon tooth

 In the US state of Michigan, Julian Gagnon , just six years old, accidentally discovered the tooth of a fossilized mastodon since the last ice age, the DailyMail reported on  October 4. According to a collection official at the local paleontology museum, the boy is probably the first to touch the tooth in all of these thousands of years.

On a family hike in Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester Hills , Julian found a priceless memory. While wading in a stream, the young boy felt an object under his feet.  After further research, he finally tore a 12,000-year-old fossilized juggernaut molar from the mud . After returning home, the family began researching the object Julian referred to as a “  dragon tooth  ”. They quickly observed a striking resemblance between the found object and the teeth of mastodons.

Julian, proud of his discovery.

Credit: Mary Gagnon

"  Mammoth and mastodon fossils are relatively rare in Michigan, but compared to other places in the United States, there have been more occurrences, " said Adam Rountrey , head of the research section of the United States. paleontology museum. Indeed, the mastodon is often considered the fossil of the state. It is featured in a popular museum exhibit year round. However, the fossils discovered remain in great demand. “  These objects are so valuable in the long run for research into how animals lived,  ” added Adam Rountrey .

Although the object's monetary value is near nil, Julian's discovery is invaluable to the Michigan Museum of Paleontology. “  At first I thought I was going to make some money, ” the boy said. At 6, Julian will not be a millionaire, but he is well on his way to becoming an archaeologist.

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