Extraterrestrial civilizations won't respond to us for 3,000 years

 Once is not custom, scientists from Harvard University come to break the atmosphere. In a recent study , US astronomers estimate that it will take at least 3,000 years for a message from Earth to reach possible extraterrestrial civilizations, says Universe Today .

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is limited by technological constraints and by the very nature of time and space. If our astronomers could detect an alien civilization on a planet beyond our solar system by the time a message from Earth reaches them, they could be long dead.

Based on Copernicus' principle that humanity and Earth are a universal standard, the team of astronomers, led by Abraham Loeb and Amir Siraj of Harvard University, made a calculation. “  The Copernican Principle states that we are unlikely to live in a privileged time. The probability that another habitable planet like ours will live at the same time a period analogous to our first century of radio communication, given its billions of years of existence, is less than one in ten million ”, explains Avi Loeb .

To the question "When can we expect our first cosmic conversation to take place?" The study therefore concludes that it is not for now. Specifically, Harvard researchers estimate that it will take around 3,000 years for us to receive a response, if at all extraterrestrials have detected communications coming from Earth.

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