Hospital in US denies organ transplants to unvaccinated patients

 A Colorado hospital, UCHealth, has a new policy for organ transplants: the facility has said both donors and recipients should be vaccinated, " in almost all situations, " the Washington Post reported on the 6th. October. 

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration , more than 100,000 people are on the national organ transplant waiting list in the United States, but only 39,000 transplants were performed in 2020. A  low figure which confirms that organs are limited resources. UCHealth  spokesperson Dan Weaver told Vice News that the death rate for transplant recipients is well above that of the general population. He added that “ Studies show that about one in four transplant recipients who contract Covid-19 will die from it. "It is therefore for him" a very important risk  ".

These are the different reasons that prompted the Colorado hospital to make tough decisions, which many consider too drastic. But UCHealth has already started informing patients about these new measures. Leilani Lutali , a woman with stage 5 renal failure, and her donor, Jaimee Fougner , were thus marked as inactive on the hospital's transplant list because they were not vaccinated against Covid-19 , have- they testified to CBS Denver. They now have 30 days to get vaccinated or else be removed from the list. "Doctors must take into account the short and long-term risks to the health of patients when considering recommending an organ transplant , ”explains the spokesperson for the hospital.

In the United States, transplant centers may impose their own eligibility criteria on participants.  At the Cleveland Clinic, for example , transplant requests include medical, psychosocial, and financial assessments, and at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, it is prohibited to consume alcohol for six months to perform a liver transplant. 

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