Japanese discover crustacean that looks like salmon sushi

 This curious crustacean is neither found in a seafood restaurant, nor in a sushi restaurant. It is in a Japanese aquarium that the little creature can be admiredby visitors, Vice reported on October 4. 

Since being exhibited at the Fukushima Aquarium in July, the crustacean has drawn crowds of visitors eager to see “live sushi”. Indeed, with the orange stripes on its back and white abdomen, the deep-sea crustacean is eerily similar to salmon sushi. The only way to distinguish the animal is its "nose" and its protruding black eyes, as well as its thin translucent legs. Closed for two months, the aquarium once again welcomed visitors on Friday,  eager  to admire the star of the aquarium.

Mai Hibino , a caretaker at the establishment, says she feels " grateful for the animal  ". “ We didn't know how long we would be able to expose the animal, or even if it would live. But he held it stayed alive for us , "said Hibino to Vice . The creature belongs to the genus Rocinela , an animal without a backbone, more often referred to as an isopod . According to Hibino , there are over 40 species of this genus.

This specimen was found off the coastal town of Rausu , on Japan's northernmost island , Hokkaido, at a depth of 800 to 1,200 meters. A victim of its own success, the publication of the crustacean received more than 29,000 likes, against 500 on average on the establishment's page. The aquarium has definitely found its mascot. 

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