Super Solid Tiny Prefab House with Transforming Furniture


In this video, we’re touring a modern and minimalist 200 square foot prefab accessory dwelling unit that’s built to be transported and set up almost anywhere (wait until you see one being helicoptered into place!).

These units are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and a transforming living room and bedroom thanks to a murphy bed sofa setup. They are built by Hewing Haus and come in several different sizes and layouts, from 200-600 square feet.

Hewing Haus builds their homes with cross-laminated timbers (CLT) and they insulate on the outside. Building in this way creates a very quiet and energy-efficient home that requires little energy to heat.

As with most small spaces and well-sealed homes, air quality is very important. Each unit has a Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, as well as extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom./Exploring Alternatives

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