To stop drinking, he replaces alcohol with screws and nails

 In Lithuania, doctors recently opened a patient's stomach to remove more than a kilogram  of various metal objects,  The Guardian reported on October 2. The patient is said to have swallowed all of the objects in just one month. 

The hospitalized man had managed to stop alcohol for good after a long addiction. But this abstinence was not without consequences: according to Agence France-Presse,  it replaced drunkenness with a new even more destructive regime. For a month, the man ingested several types of metal objects measuring from two millimeters to ten centimeters, according to reports by Lithuanian media LRT . A strange case that intrigues doctors, both psychologically and physically.

" We have never seen anything like it ," chief surgeon Algirdas Slepavicius told AFP . Normally, some patients come after having ingested various types of objects, and according to doctors, the operation is quite simple. But, this operation was incomparable. Due to the large number of objects in the patient's body, the operation took about three hours. Doctors also had to make sure that no sharp object had pierced the wall of his stomach.

According to LRT , the man has not yet spoken about his mental state. He is currently under psychological counseling to try to understand where this very dangerous and harmful habit comes from.  His life is no longer in danger.  

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