US company equips robot dog with sniper rifle

 It was feared, it was only a matter of time. The military e robot manufacturer Ghost Robotics has designed a robot dog with a sniper rifle, announced the Daily Mail on 14 October. Terminator is not so far away.

At a show dedicated to the US military taking place in Washington last Tuesday, visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in weaponry. And the most terrifying weapon was undoubtedly the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle ( Rifle without human control special purpose, or SPUR ) : a robot-dog topped with a sniper rifle that operates alone. Ghost Robotics , a company specializing in robotics , has teamed up with Sword International ,light weapons professionals , to create SPUR , the first armed robotic quadruped. This is a lethal version of the Vision 60 patrol robot, already created by Ghost Robotics.

According to Sword , the robot's weapon system allows "  precision shots up to 1,200 meters  ." The magazine of his weapon can hold ten ammunition, and each of these 6.5-millimeter cartridges are Creedmoor , ammunition developed especially for long-range shooting. “ SPUR has been specially designed to provide precision shooting from machines without human assistance, like the Vision 60 quadruped robot from Ghost Robotics,  ” reads the Sword website . “ Thanks to its high performance sensors, SPURcan work in different conditions, day and night.  "

Obvious ethical questions arise in the face of this frightening innovation. We do not yet know the degree of autonomy of the robot dog which, in the long term, could be completely autonomous. "  It crosses a moral, legal and technical line, and takes us into a very dark and dangerous world,  " responded Toby Walsh , professor of AI at UNSW Sydney . Knowing that there is currently no treaty banning killer robots, Ghost Robotics does nothing wrong in the eyes of international law ...

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