Roboat III Autonomus Boat Transportation System

 Roboat is a research program on autonomous boats in Amsterdam. The program was scheduled to last from 2016-2021, is developing the world’s first fleet of autonomous vessels. It focuses on moving people and goods, portable infrastructure and data gathering.

Roboat III is the latest phase of a robotic boat system that can autonomously navigate crowded urban waterways. Roboat can be adapted to several different use cases, such as personal transport, package delivery, waste disposal, and on-demand infrastructure.

In 2020, the first passenger-capable configuration was completed. Roboat III is 4 metres (13 ft) long and can carry and adapt to up to 5 passengers.Two full-scale units had been deployed by October 2021.

The boat looks futuristic — it’s a sleek combination of black and gray with two seats that face each other, with orange block letters on the sides that illustrate the makers’ namesakes. It’s a fully electrical boat with a battery that’s the size of a small chest, enabling up to 10 hours of operation and wireless charging capabilities.via/read more:

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