Solar-Powered Mobile Home With 450 miles Of Range

 Stella Vita is a Self-Sustaining House On Wheels. This means that it is self-sufficient in terms of energy. Thanks to solar panels on the roof, it is independent of charging stations. Stella Vita generates enough solar energy to drive, shower, watch TV, charge your laptop and make coffee.

Stella Vita generates energy through solar panels on the roof and uses this energy for both driving and living. You have influence on the distribution of energy. The energy is used for travelling and your daily needs, such as cooking, washing and watching TV. Stella Vita gives a clear insight into your energy consumption.

In this way, you use the energy that you have consciously. With a Self-sustaining House On Wheels, you are completely self-sufficient and independent of the charging infrastructure. This gives you the freedom to go wherever you want.Daily life is an important part of SHOW. Therefore, an extensive and lightweight interior is designed.

You will not be short of anything. SHOW contains everything you need for your daily needs. A kitchen, bed, sofa, shower and toilet ensure that you can live on the energy of the sun without any limitation.The interior is designed to blend in perfectly with nature. The large French windows give the feeling of being outdoors and the colours in the interior are chosen to match the colours of the outside./Solar Team Eindhoven

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