Triggo Two Seated Fully Electric Car With Adjustable Width

 Are you not tired of wasting your time stuck in traffic jams? Are you not tired of constantly searching for a parking spot? We have something for you then!

Triggo is two seated, fully electric car which can swiftly filter through traffic jams and can park virtually everywhere thanks to its unique front suspension design.Triggos main goal is to gives you more time everyday to simply enjoy your life.

Triggo’s variable chassis geometry allows it to retract its front wheels reducing its width.The Triggo EV is powered by two 10kW electric motors. The vehicle has a replaceable 8kWh battery pack with a driving range of around 100km depending on the driving conditions, the top speed of Trigo is 90 km/h.

Rapid Battery Change, or RBC System:“Refuelling” energy wherever Triggo is. Instead of vehicle downtime for the time of charging, it’s enough to just charge and replace the batteries. Another benefit from the BRC is no need to deliver vehicles found discharged far from a charger.

The Triggo EV is unlike any car or electric motorcycle we’ve ever seen,=The Triggo has a maximum width of 33.8-inches along with an 11.4-foot turning radius, it widens the front track up to 58.2-inches. As a light electric vehicle, Triggo is an effective support in delivering to end consumers parcels or food (pizza, sushi or burgers). Especially in locations where urban development is intense, and finding a parking spot requires a miracle.via/read more:

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