20+ Uses For WD-40 You’ve Never Thought To Try

 What do you know about WD-40? I mean, really know about WD-40? Most of only know some simple uses for this spray. Perhaps you use it for a squeaking door, a rusty bike chain or to shine your hammers, but did you know that there are tons more uses for it? Just take a look at this list and be prepared to be blown away!

WD-40 For Shining Your Silver

Silver is not sterling unless it shines like the second coming. So if you’d like your candlesticks to look like they’ve stepped straight out of Silverland, then spray a cloth with WD-40 and wipe them till the sparkle!

Separating Stuck Glasses

I can relate to this one very closely. We had some friends over a couple of nights ago, and my wife assigned me the task of getting everyone drinks. I pulled out the glasses, but lo and behold, they were stuck together like an arranged marriage. Someone suggested spraying WD-40 on the glasses. I was shocked when they came apart with ease.

Loosening Zippers

What’s worse than a zipper that can’t even make the ‘zzzz’ sound? I’m not talking about snoring, you know. When you have zipper more stubborn than your 16-year-old daughter, just spray some WD-40 on your zipper (not on your daughter) and feel it move with ease.

Shining Shoes

It’s the best and the worst to have white sneakers. On the one hand they look super cool, but on the other, you’re wearing them on your feet so they’re going to get dirty. Spray a cloth with WD-40 and gently rub the potion onto the dirty areas. You’ll thank me later.

Cleaning Tar Stains

If you haven’t experienced tar stains on your car then you haven’t lived! No, then you’re actually pretty darn lucky because they suck! But if you do happen to find these stains on your automobile, just know that a spray and wipe with WD-40 can take all your problems away.

Defrosting Ice

Imagine coming to your car in the morning, your hands frozen from the winter night that has hardly subsided, and then seeing your car more frozen than ice pop. Instead of freaking out and freezing out, you can prepare yourself the night before by spraying WD-40 on your windshield and windows. Watch the ice and snow slide right off.

Oiling Scissors

My my, how I can’t stand a scissors that doesn’t budge. How are you supposed to cut in a straight line when the blades won’t budge? You know the answer to this one, don’t you? Just spray some WD-40 where the two blades meet. Smooth sailing… or cutting in this case.

Guarding Bird Feeders

if you’ve got a bird-feeder then you know that you didn’t intend on it being a squirrel-feeder. So how could you ensure that your feeder remains one for birds? It’s kind of mean, but not harmful. You can spray the pole of the feeder with WD-40… it will be too slippery for other animals to climb up.

Removing Rings

Although you might never want to remove your wedding ring, there are occasions when you need to. A ring that has been left on your finger for a very long time can become terribly difficult to remove, unless you have WD-40, that is. Spray your finger and slide that ring right off.

Removing Gum

Why, oh whyyy do people spit out their gum on the sidewalk? Not only is it rude and disgusting, it is outright selfish. If you fall upon this awful encounter, you should let the gum dry and then spray the underside of your shoe with WD-40 and peel it off.

Taking Out Lipstick Stains

I don’t know many people who would willingly walk around with a lipstick stain on their shirt… cheater or not. Either way, a wash doesn’t always get rid of that lip-print. What does get rid of it is a cloth with D-40, that’s for sure.

Cleaning Crayon Stains

Kids can be very expressive. In fact that they can be so expressive that they’ll let their creative juices flow just about anywhere. When you come home to a surprise crayon drawing on the walls (and just about everywhere else), remember that you could spray and wipe it off with our handy friend.

Clearing Stains From Wood

It doesn’t matter which wood we’re talking about – floors, tables or others, stains truly suck! So what do you think would be able to clean that stain out? You guessed it!

Lubricating A Door Handle

If your doorknobs or any hinges are squeaky and rusting up, this is a quick and easy fix. Use your handy can of WD-40 and bye-bye squeaks. This hack is great if you do not happen to have any grease lying around the house, it is also cleaner and more simple to do.

WD-40 On Anything Latex

Well, this is not actually the best idea. The oil in the WD-40 against the latex seeps through and breaks the latex, this is why you can use WD-40 if you are looking to pop balloons rather. I mean it is not such a bad idea after a party to use this little trick to pop all the balloons.

Phone Screen Protection

This hack is not 100 percent full-proof but it does work on certain types of electronics. The silicone spray actually makes certain objects waterproof. Thus, if you spray certain technological things with WD-40 they will be waterproofed. Additionally, WD-40 has the ability to repair cracked screens well, in appearance anyway. Spray it on the screen and wipe it away, you will notice the difference but it is not permanent

Opening Rusty Locks

The rainy season is over and you’d like to get some things from the shed. The only issue is that you’ve locked the darn thing and the key won’t even get inside the hole. Ah, the woes of rusty locks. WD-40 knows how to fight this problem.

Removing Stickers

We’ve all been down that road before. “I want to save the world, let me paste this ‘Green Peace’ sticker on my bumper!” Ever tried getting it off with soap and water? Yeah, it doesn’t really work. But WD-40 will make it feel like you’re peeling a banana!

Protecting Shower Heads

How many of your shower head’s pores actually shower you? Most of them are probably blocked up by now. You can check for yourself. Remove the shower head and spray some WD-40 on the inside. You’ll soon see the pores opening up.

Keeping Your AC Clean

This is especially helpful for a new air conditioner! Nobody wants to breathe polluted and dusty air, so what can you do? Spray the front of your AC with WD-40 and it will prevent dust from collecting up there.

Cleaning Water Stains

Taking a look at yourself in the mirror is sometimes tricky after you’ve had a steaming hot shower. But even after you’ve wiped away the steam from the mirror, you could be faced with water stains that make you look like you’ve got leprosy. Don’t worry, you don’t, and wiping WD-40 over these marks will prove that.

Maintaining Fridge Gasket

What do you mean you don’t know what the fridge gasket is? Nah, I’m kidding. I didn’t know myself either. It’s that rubber part that creates suction so your fridge door stays closed. This gasket collects more gunk than an actual gunk-collector… if there ever was one. Put on the thin nozzle on your spray can get into those crevices. You’ll be able to wipe away the mess in a second.

Exterminating Bugs

It’s no secret that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast… or at least that’s what we’ve been told. But can they survive a WD-40 attack? No, they certainly can not.

Getting Gum Out Of Hair

It doesn’t just happen in the movies. Gum can really get stuck in your hair at any time! If this awful occurrence ever happens to you, let the gum dry and then spray WD-40 over the gum. Make sure you cover your face when you do so.

Shining License Plates

Whether you collect license plates or you just like yours to sparkle like a song from Disney, then WD-40 could be your best friend. Spray a cloth, wipe your plates and say cheese for the speed cameras!

Removing Super Glue

Whatever you do, don’t show this to the manufacturers of superglue! It’s supposed to be the most powerful adhesive out there, but it has its own Achilles heel – hello WD-40!

Protecting Guitar Strings

WD-40 can also help you keep your guitar strings in mint condition. Spray a cloth and then slide it gently down the strings until they’re shining. Unfortunately WD-40 can’t turn you into Jimi Hendrix.

Preventing Splinters

This one doesn’t only apply to all the witches out there and their flying broomsticks. Anyone who uses a wooden rake, a wooden broom or anything else with a wooden handle can take advantage of the wonders of WD-40!

Breaking In Baseball Gloves

Kids can all relate to the hard work that goes into breaking in a new baseball glove. If only there was a shortcut… hmmm… Ladies and gentlemen, do I really have to say it? Yup, WD-40 covers this too. Spraying this on the leather glove will soften it up and make it ready for play in no time.

Preserving Leather Sofas

Here is another miracle that WD-40 can do for leather. Leather couches sometimes need a little shine and clean. This spray can help you with that. Don’t put on too much; use in moderation to get the best out of your WD-40 spray.

Attracting Fish

No, you shouldn’t spray WD-40 in your hair before going deep-sea diving. It might gain attraction on the beach, but not to the fish under the sea. What you can do however, is spray your fishing lures. Fish will be attracted to their glow, and then… BAM!

Cleaning Your Grill

Mmmm, nothing like having a barbecue in the summer. However nothing kills a killer BBQ faster than gunk that makes the meat taste like last year’s last place local marathon runner’s socks. Pretty graphic, I know. Spray your grill before you light it up and then scrub it down with a brush before wiping it away with a cloth.

Separating Lego

You might have wondered once or twice what could possibly be more difficult than separating Lego pieces. The simple answer is “nothing”. That was true until WD-40 stepped onto the scene. Spray the pieces that are stuck together, wait a few seconds, and then pull them apart. Easy!

Separating Flower Pots

Pot plants are not Lego pieces, but in away they’re really similar. When they become stubborn and stay stuck together, you can just spray them with WD-40 and feel them separate with ease.

Digging Faster

We’ve covered a lot of uses for WD-40, but what on earth does WD-40 have to do with a shovel? Glad you asked. By spraying your shovel before getting dug in, you’ll be bale to slide right in and right out like a hot knife in butter!

Removing Tea Stains

Stains from tea bags on your kitchen counter or in your sink can really make your kitchen look gross. Shall we do the ritual? Spray some WD-40 on a cloth and wipe that mess right up, it won’t know what hit it!

Shining Plants

Before you get overexcited and starting spraying your plants with WD-40, let me clarify that it’s plastic plants we’re talking about. Spray a drop on the plants and wipe away to make look shiny and authentic!

Removing Ink Stains

Yea, I’m that person who puts a pen in my pocket and then completely forgets about it. And just my luck, the pen leaks blue ink all over my new pair of jeans. Fret no, there’s something to be done. Spray WD-40 on the ink stain and wipe it away in circular motions.

Cleaning Dog Poop

Ugggh! Dog poop on your shoe is simply awful. There’s no easy way to get rid of it… or is there? Spraying WD-40 under your shoe will loosen the mess up and make it easier to wash off. My advice, just don’t step in dog poop.

Erasing Sticker Marks

You might not have CD’s and DVDs anymore, but if you do, you’ve probably run into this problem. For who-knows-what reason, stores put stickers on the underside of these and it drives us crazy. Spray some WD-40 on a cloth and gently wipe away the residue of the stickers.

Pulling Hairs Out

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t go pulling out your hairs just yet. I’m talking about removing hairs from your hairbrushes. Spray your brushes, put them in water to soak and oh yeah, you can remove those hairs with no trouble at all.

Waterproofing Your Shoes

When snow and rain season comes, nobody wants to have to buy more pairs of shoes just to weather the storm. Instead you could just spray WD-40 on your shoes and watch the water slide right off!

Clearing Toothpaste Stains

Mornings for me are usually a dash from the bedroom to the bathroom, to the kitchen and then out the door. If you’ve ever brushed your tooth in a hurry, then you’re definitely familiar with the issue of spilling toothpaste on the on the bathroom basin, If you leave it there for long enough it can actually leave a stain. Do you know what can solve this problem? WD-40 can!

Cleaning Bugs

When travelling at high speeds, the inevitable is that you’ll hit some flying bugs on your journey. They can really make quite a big mess, especially after a long trip. So what can WD-40 do in these situations? Grab a cloth and spray the affected area and then just wipe it all off.

Washing Bathroom Tiles

It really could be anything that turns your bathroom tiles into a gross-looking painting – nail polish spills, growing mold or even just bathroom gunk. Nobody wants to have a bathroom looking like that, absolutely not. The best way to fight this is by spraying WD-40 and then wiping away the mess.

Unsqueaking Squeaky Shoes

Yes, it’s a real thing, and if you know about it then you’ll be pleased to know that you now have a way to make sure that your shoes don’t make noise when you walk. Give the tiniest of sprays to the area that’s making all the noise and then enjoy walking in peace.

Preventing Snow Buildup On Windows

Trust me on this one, it’s definitely worth doing this trick before the snow comes. Snow makes for a beautiful landscape on a winter’s day, but not if you can’t see it through the snow-covered windows. Spray some WD-40 on your windows before the snow season starts and then watch it all slide right off.

Protecting Against Wasps

Summer is around the corner! Now before you run out and head to the beach, just remember that there are lots of bugs that are excited about the warmer weather too. Wasps and bees seek out the perfect spots for their summer hives, but you can prevent those spots from being under your roof. Spray WD-40 where they want to build and they’ll soon be calling your neighbor’s roof home.

Toning Down Polyurethane Shine

Your wooden floors deserve the absolute best shine possible. However, if they’re too shiny after you varnish them then you could find yourself blinded. What you can do is wipe down the floor after you varnish it with WD-40 to ensure that the floor shines just the right amount.

Removing Stuck Prostheses

This might not be common knowledge for everyone, but removing prostheses can be quite difficult, especially for people who live alone. By spraying a little bit of WD-40 on the prostheses, not only will it make it easier to remove them, but also easier to put them back on.

Cleaning Dried Glue

Isn’t it ironic that glue always dries too fast when we make a mistake, but never fast enough when we want it to. So WD-40 (probably) can’t help with the latter, but for the former, all you need to do is spray WD-40 on the dried glue and wipe it right up.

Degreasing Your hands

Until now there basically hasn’t been a good and comfortable way to remove grease from one’s hands. You can obviously guess where this is going, folks. WD-40 is one of the best degreasers out there. Don’t believe it? Give it a try. Just make sure to wash your hands well with soap afterwards.

Removing Carpet Stains

There’s good news for all of you who have accepted certain stains on your carpets forever. These stains should never ever become a part of your permanent furniture. So what can you do about it? You can spray the stains with WD-40 and then wipe them out.

Getting Rid Of Tomato Stains

If you thought that tomato and ketchup stains only happened in the movies, then you haven’t truly enjoyed a hamburger or a hot dog. In the rare case that you have WD-40 with you and not a t-shirt to change into, just spray this magic stuff and gently rub the mess out.

Wiping Down Your Fridge

Most people never really get to cleaning their fridges, and it’s a darn shame. The excuse is that there’s usually food in there, so why would you take it out to clean? If you were to take a look at some of the gross things growing in there then you probably would get out your WD-40 and go to town.

Pretreating Blood Stains

This one is especially helpful for parents with kids that like to get wild. Blood can come from an array of situations, from losing teeth to jumping headfirst off a jungle gym. So once you’re done treating the little fellow, you can spray some WD-40 on the area where the blood is starting to leave a stain.

Cleaning Off Old Wax

When winter is here, everyone reaches for their snowboards and skis. However, that initial excitement quickly dies down when you find all the old wax from the year before. WD-40 is the rescue remedy, as it makes removing that old wax as easy as 1-2-3.

Protecting Your Boat From Corrosion

If you’re a boating fanatic then you are surely familiar with the issue of corrosion. The longer you leave your boar untreated, the worse the corrosion will be. It might seem like a strange solution, but WD-40 is actually a great tool to keep permanent damage at bay.

Removing Barnacles From Boats

Here’s another one for the boat fanatics. Those darn barnacles that get stuck to the sides of the boat can be a nightmare to get rid off. So instead of tearing apart your prized seacraft, grab a putty knife and WD-40 and get to work. Anything left over can be removed with sandpaper.

Protecting Golf Clubs

Golfing is an expensive sport with pricey equipment, so you should definitely make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your golf clubs in tip-top shape. Experts suggest spraying a cloth with WD-40 and then wiping down the clubs after each game.

Removing Stuck Spark Plugs

Here’s a hack that your local car dealership probably doesn’t want you to know about. Spark plugs are pretty difficult to remove sometimes, but that’s what WD-40 is for. NASCAR mechanics actually use WD-40 to get those old damaged spark plugs out as quickly as possible during a race.

Renewing Saws

Did you know that you can spray WD-40 on all your saws (round or other too) in order to protect them from getting dusty and rusty? This trick will become especially helpful when you have hard-to-remove tar on your saws. Don’t believe it? Give it a try!

Making Wicker Quiet

What is the deal with wicker furniture? Seriously! No matter how slowly and quietly you sit down, it always makes a cacophony to let you know that you weigh too much! At least that’s how I feel. WD-40 should be sprayed on the noisy parts to let you sit in peace and quiet.

Lubricating Toys With Wheels

Kids toys are pretty noisy as it is, so you certainly wouldn’t want their toys to be squeaking as they play. For your kid’s sake too, wheels are supposed to turn when they “drive” their cars. WD-40 will make those wheels turn for a lifetime.

Cleaning Sliding Doors Sliding Strip

The sliding door strip is one of the main parts of a person’s house that collects dust and gunk. It’s no wonder that most people’s sliding doors don’t open and close smoothly. Try giving the strip at the bottom a good spray or two of WD-40. You’ll love the results.

Preventing Wind Chimes Rust

Wind chimes bring a certain character to one’s home. Having said that, it’s still worth mentioning that wind chimes shouldn’t look like they’ve been dug up from a grave. To ensure that they ring and jingle as you first intended, give the WD-40 treatment.

Joining Plastic Shelves

Putting together plastic shelves is usually an easy enough project, but when you try to pull those stubborn pieces apart afterwards then it’s a different story. You can tackle this issue before the fact by spraying the sockets with WD-40. You’ll love what this does for you.

Whitening Fiberglass Bathtubs

Having a fiberglass bathtub has some great pros, but unfortunately it has some pretty nasty cons too (no pun intended). We can spend hours upon hours scrubbing away at the tub without ever truly cleaning, unless we take a new approach. Does a clean with WD-40 sound right? Yes, it does.

Protecting Wheelbarrows

We have a couple of wheelbarrows in our backyard, and they’re beautiful. We don’t actually use them for anything other than for decoration, so a little rust doesn’t mean anything too bad for us. But if you use one on a regular basis then you should try spraying them over with WD-40 to keep them in good condition.

Removing Tape Marks

Tape is a pretty good replacement for nails and glue when it comes to putting posters and photos up on your walls. However, when it comes time to take your favorite artworks down, you might find that you’re left with nasty tape residue. Try giving them a wipe with WD-40 – you’ll love the results.

Lubricating Swings And Other Playground Equipment

It might seem inevitable that swings and see-saws will squeak for all eternity, but that certainly shouldn’t be the case. Get out your WD-40 can and give the moving parts a big of the magic. You’ll soon be headache-free at the playground.

Cleaning Ashtrays

It’s no secret that ashtrays are the site for lots of grossness. If you’ve ever had a hard time trying to clean an ashtray after a week’s worth of cigarettes then you know it’s tougher than an arm-wrestle with Arnold Schwarzenegger would be. Try wiping down a new ashtray with WD-40 before putting out a cigarette on it. You’ll see how easy it is to clean up afterwards.

Maintaining Lawnmower Blades

Keeping your lawnmower in great condition is quite the challenge. More specifically, the blades are pretty problematic. They’re often neglected which means that they quickly need to be replaced, and that is quite pricey. Save yourself some cash and treat them with WD-40 on a regular basis. Just make sure the mower isn’t turned on first.

Removing Chair Marks

Chairs have pretty much one singular purpose, and that’s to be sat on. Sure, some might say that you can also use them to stand on. We can all agree that it’s annoying when chairs make marks on your walls or on your floors. WD-40 actually offers an easy cleaning solution to this problem.

Cleaning Luggage Handles

Of course it’s the airline staff’s job to put stickers on our luggage; we’d lose our suitcases if they didn’t. But when you’re back home and trying to get the glue off the handles, it could become quite a hassle. Take a cloth and spray it with WD-40, then wipe away with ease.

Removing Stickers From Plates

Speaking of stickers that leave behind nasty residue, plates can have this problem too. You can use hot water, extra strong soap, or a hard scrub, and you might still be left with some stickiness. Try giving them a WD-40 cleaning – just make sure to wash them with water afterwards.

Removing Dust From Mosquito Screens

Mosquito screens work wonders on a hot summer’s night when the bugs come out to play. Unfortunately these screens can get mucked up with dust, and that’s not healthy. What you can do is spray the screen with WD-40 and then wipe it well. This treatment should last a good while.

Polishing Gold And Brass Lamps

Guys, this is the actual Aladdin dream come true… well, sort of. Get out the WD-40 and a cloth and then start wiping your that gold (or brass) lamp you’ve had sitting there. We can’t promise a genie or three wishes, but we can say that you’ll have it shining like never before.

Lubricating Folding Chairs And Ironing Boards

You can now say goodbye to the days of cursing metal folding chairs and ironing boards. Take WD-40 and spray the joints of these things to prevent them from squeaking, getting jammed, and from becoming rusty. Give them a good wipe with a dry cloth afterwards, and voila!

Restoring Metal Figurines

Metal figurines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have yourself some, then you’re probably familiar with the rust that accompanies them. If they’re indoor then they face less risk, but we can’t say as much for the outdoor kind. Spraying them with WD-40 now and then will keep them in their best shape.

Enhancing TV Signal

TV antennae might seem like something from way back when, but many people still use them. Since they sit atop a roof, they often become rusted and full of dirt, which results in bad signal. Once in a while it’s worth making the trip to the roof to wipe it down with WD-40. You’ll have better signal before you know it.

Cleaning Toilets

Ah, yes. Cleaning the toilet bowl is definitely no fun. It’s a chore that we all abhor, but we must do. What if I told you that there was an easier way to do it that would save you time and effort? Say no more. WD-40 is your solution. You don’t believe it? Give it a try!

Fighting Off Animals

Garbage cans are a hot spot for little rascals like raccoons and stray cats. You know what they say? “One man’s trash is another man’s pest’s treasure.” If you want to keep these animals at bay, spray WD-40 on your outdoor trash cans, and they’ll keep their distance.

Removing Stubborn Oils

What is it about oil that makes it harder to remove than my worst anxiety-riddled thoughts before I fall asleep? That got personal. WD-40 can really help in this situation… the oil thing, that is. Spray WD-40 on the oil stain and wait a few moments. Then all you need to do is wipe away.

Clearing Drains

A drain that’s clogged up is possibly one of the worst and most frustrating problems you can encounter at home. Instead of complaining about it, take matters into your own hands and spray some WD-40 into the drain. Don’t use that sink for about 20 minutes. You’ll thank me later.

Protecting Your Speakers

Getting a good quality stereo system means that you need to take good care of it. A lot of people’s speakers get ruined just because the rubber bits start to crack. What you can do to counteract this is spray a cloth with WD-40 and then gently and lightly wipe over the rubber parts.

Protecting Your Car Doors

This next one is quite similar to the previous one. The rubber lining that ensures your car stays dry when it rains is essential. The problem is that with hot and dry weather, this rubber lining can start to crack and eventually break apart. Try wiping it down every few months with WD-40 to keep it strong and solid.

Removing Gum From Lint Screen

You might be very pleased with the way that the lint screen in your washing machine gets all that fluff out of your clothing, but even that needs a real cleaning sometimes, especially if gum gets stuck on it. Ewww! Well, WD-40 is all you need to get it off easily.

Cleaning Cookie Tin Rust

There’s something cool and vintage about having tins to store food. Be it your cereal, your teabags, or even your cookies, it all looks better in tin cans. But what are you supposed to do when these tins get rusted? I think you know the answer – WD-40!

Fighting Off Mildew

Have you ever had wooden furniture that looks exquisite but suffers from mildew? This happens in most cases at the bottom of chairs or tables, where the legs meet the floor. For indoor or outdoor wooden furniture, give the wood a light spray and wipe with WD-40 and you won’t have to worry about mildew at all.

Getting Silly Putty Out Of Furniture

It’s a great parenting technique to let your kids play and explore the world themselves. However, this sometimes means that their toys land up in places they shouldn’t. If you come across a blob of silly putty stuck in the sofa or elsewhere, get your WD-40 spray and easily remove it before it becomes part of the furniture permanently.

Cleaning Piano Keys

There’s something about a grungy looking piano that makes it seem better, but when it’s in your home, you probably want it to be clean and shining. For those keys that have lost their glow, just spray a rag with WD-40 and wipe away the dirt.

Preventing Mildew Growth On Fountain

Do you know what all fountains have in common? They all have water running down their sides at all times. Do you know what this usually means? It means that mildew will grow. If you’d like to prevent this, then try spraying the base of the fountain when there is no water. You’ll see long-lasting results.

Removing Smoke Stains

If you’ve ever left a candle too close to a wall, then you know exactly what a smoke stain looks like. Sometimes you can just scrub a cloth with soap and water on the mark, but other times that won’t cut it. What you could do instead is try WD-40 on the dark patch.

Removing Paint From Tiles

Painting a room in your home shouldn’t mean that you then have to work double as hard to clean up all the paint drippings on the floor afterwards. What you can do is just spray those specks and droplets with WD-40 and then swiftly wipe away the mess.

Protects Patio Doors From The Sun

Unfortunately, sun stains are a very real thing and this means that dried spots of water can become a “permanent” part of one’s patio glass doors and windows. As if we have to say what the solution is – spray some WD-40 on the marks and wipe them away for eternity.

Lubricating Metal Hinges

One of the greatest gifts my gran left us was a beautiful wooden dresser. The wood was in perfect condition, but the problem was that the hinges on the doors didn’t stop creaking and squeaking. We were suggested WD-40 and since then we haven’t heard a squeak!

Coating Outdoor Pipes

One of the problems we face when winter comes around is that the pipes outside our houses become fragile. They can easily crack with these cold conditions. A great preemptive solution to this problem is spraying these pipes with WD-40 before the cold season arrives.

Lubricating Metal Latches

When it comes to metal latches, WD-40 can work both as a solution to the rust that builds up there, or as something you can spray on beforehand to prevent rust from ever getting there. That’s what’s so amazing about WD-40, it can be used in so many different ways.

Erasing Chair Marks On The Wall

Surely you’ve seen the effects of having the back of chairs in your living room scuff up the paint on the living room walls. These marks certainly do not have to remain there forever. In fact, you can spray WD-40 where the chair left stains and then wipe the walls clean.

Cleaning Chair Wheels

Having a wheely chair at your desk is one of the greatest sources of fun. However, all the fun quickly disappears when those wheels don’t turn anymore. Your best solution to this annoying problem is to spray the wheels with WD-40 and then to wipe them clean.

Lubricating Air Holes

It’s really difficult to pump up the air in your car or bicycle tires if the nozzles are blocked or rusted. Not only is it difficult, but it is detrimental to their lifespan. So to prevent this from happening, you can simply give a WD-40 spray on these parts.

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