Futuristic Mobile Vacation Home Concept

 A futuristic mobile (!) vacation home concept for 2 people and a pet created by Encho Enchev. This is a mobile vacation home concept. The house is meant to be for 2 people and a pet. It is fully functional and in theory should be possible to be built in the near future smiley I am posting a lot of renders that present most of the features of the house.

One of the things that is not visible in the images is the 4 deployable harpoons for additional stability in rough sloped terrain. The mechanical legs are equipped with 5cm layer of non-slippery rubber on the bottom.

They also have 2 deployable spikes on each leg. The design of the interior is modern, high-tech and minimalistic. All the windows are using the “smart glass” technology. There are also traditional curtains for the old fashioned customers.

The bathroom is situated in the middle of the interior (for privacy). There is a large storage space under the living area.

The “standart” version includes: 1 ATW / 2 mountain bikes / 2 shezlong / 2 terrace chairs + table / 1 emergency diesel fuel generator /1 BBQ unit and additional supply and tool boxes.via/more info: Encho Enchev

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