Sadler Foldable Bicycle With Hubless Wheels Concept

 Sadler wants to pave the way for a new mobility system, out of the classic box, widely integrable with other transport systems, fully respect the environment. Personal style and extreme versatility of use give dynamism to the traditional bike, increasingly requested object, at a time when environmental awareness and desire to marry an eco-sustainable philosophy is growing.

Sadler is a hubless bike with a unique and innovative design, made from carbon fiber. It’s foldable and portable design, measuring only 26” when folded, makes it the world’s most compact.

Available in three versions – classic, 3-gear shift and electric motor – Sadler Bike is versatile and light, suitable for street, urban and soft-outdoor environments. 100% Made in Italy, Sadler Bike innovative design combines functionality with exclusive materials.

Frame and finish in “Deep Gray” carbon fiber. Base body in aeronautical aluminum alloy. Tube handle “Opale Rome” in real Italian hand-crafted leather by Tramontano. Ergonomic seat “Opale Rome” in real Italian hand-crafted leather by Tramontano. Gray anodized hoops.Carter in carbon fiber with real wood profiles./Sadler Bike

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