Within one hour, a “revolutionary” Chinese plane flies the world

 China is currently building a hypersonic aircraft that can transport a limited number of people to anywhere they want in the world in just one hour.

The supposed speed of the plane is about 19,000 kilometers per hour, and it is capable of accommodating only 10 people, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, on Sunday.

The aircraft, which is 45 meters long, will be able to exceed the speed of sound five times, thanks to its complex design.

The initial design of the aircraft was revealed through a study conducted by Chinese astronauts who participated in an extraterrestrial mission to Mars and the Moon, and published it in the journal “Propulsion Technology”.

The design of the new Chinese aircraft is based on the design of the Boeing Manta X-47C, which was abandoned by NASA in 2000 due to its high cost.

The aircraft was designed by engineer Ming Han Tang, who previously worked at NASA.

The aircraft is based on the presence of two articulated engines without moving parts on each side of the aircraft.

Although the prototype may not reach production soon, it is important for providing important guidance for the development of the aircraft and hypersonic engines.

China aims to produce a fleet of these aircraft by the end of 2035 and expand some aircraft to carry 100 passengers by 2045.

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