Arches have played a very important part in the celebration of major events in towns and cities throughout the world.
Likewise, they are equally important at the smaller scale in landscape and garden projects particularly at the entrance to an area.
Arches can be elegant and intricate with or without a covering of plants.
They can be made from a wide range of materials such as brick, stone, metal, plastic and timber.
Arches can be a single depth structure that is part of a fence with a gateway feature or be much more substantial to include a small seat or mail/milk/parcel box depending upon its location.
The arch has for far too long not been given the attention it deserves by designers particularly where the site offers excellent opportunities for it to be constructed.
Scale is the most important aspect to consider and it would be easy to make the mistake of making an arch without thinking about its proportions especially if purchasing a ready-made structure.
Lych gates are an extension of the archway because they usually have a solid roof.
There appears to be no reason why such a structure should not be used in contemporary landscapes where small groups of people could gather on their way to or from a building other than a church, especially prior to entering a parking area for cars and coaches.
Lych gates should be built of materials that link to the main building on a site unless the structure requires it to be an obvious focal point in the landscape.