Shapr3D – Think & Design in 3D


Create naturally with touch and Apple Pencil

Shapr3D’s award-winning user interface makes designing in 3D feel like sketching on paper. Design and extrude shapes naturally with your Apple Pencil, and navigate your work with familiar pinch, squeeze, and swipe hand gestures.

Draw 2D sketches with guaranteed precision

The app’s workspaces let you naturally sketch 2D shapes with mathematical precision. Smart grids automatically adapt to your active drawing plane while snapping guides guarantee your sketches are proportional. Define your 2D shapes with constraints and design hassle-free.

Take the shortcut with Adaptive UI and canvas controls

Make short work of design challenges with a predictive menu that auto-suggests tools for you – and eliminates clunky clicking around. Once your geometry is in place, adjust dimensions smoothly with an easy slide of the canvas controls.