Wind turbines Taking the power-generating capabilities of windmills to the next level

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Among the world’s most developed renewable energy systems, wind turbines take the mechanics of a traditional windmill and upscale them dramatically in order to obtain energy from wind which can be converted into electricity. The most common wind turbine in production is the horizontal axis variety. These consist of a main rotor shaft and electrical generator at the top of a large, tapered, cylindrical tower. This type of turbine allows the wind to rotate its three fixed blades in order to generate mechanical, rotational energy, which is then in turn converted into electrical energy by the installed electrical generator. The slow-to-fast rotation of the rotor and blades is aided by an installed gearbox, which allows for a smooth transition in speeds depending of wind strength. Wind turbines are often installed en masse in highly windy areas, such as coastal regions, in massive wind farms. The largest windfarm in the world is the Roscoe Wind Farm in Texas, which has an epic 627 turbines and total installed capacity of 781.5 MW.

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